We Out Here:

Lil’ Nazrhite

I’m Lil’ Nazrhite, son of the one and only Nazrhite, AKA Coach Jomo, also the founder of Fieroball, BlackPDX & Brothaman Tech.

Let’s talk about me.  I’m the youngest of 7 children.  Me and my older brother have always had competitions.  He normally would win, but I think I can beat him in NBA 2K20 now, and I can for sure beat him in Apex Legends which is a shooter game and is a bunch of fun. Our old mascot Big Smooth is now living somewhere else.  Lil’ Fresh Prince, AKA Sonny is our new mascot. He’s a cat.

I like to eat fried chicken, watermelon, sugary juices, or drinks, cereal, and mac-n-cheese… also egg. I like being with my family brother, sister, Mom, dad, aunties, uncles and cousins.  We play card games, video games, watch movies and eat together.  Sometimes big gatherings, and sometimes just 4 or 7 extra people show up.

I am excited to share this project with the community.  We can learn together.  Like I say, “Better to work together, than be lonely.”

Coach Jomo’s Note:  I asked Lil’ Naz what pic did he want to use, and he said “Use one of the ones where I was modeling basketball gear.”  That’s the photo you see here.  My response to him:  “But son, that pic is almost 5 years old”

Him: “Yeah, but I look good” lol

Lil' Nazrhite