We Out Here:

Mission, Vision & Goals

Mission: The game of basketball owes a debt to Black America. We intend on making sure that it gets paid.


To Black America:  Nothing has greater mindshare in our multi-generational collective, than the game of basketball, particularly the NBA. We must use that opportunity to extract greater outcomes for our community than ever before.


To the Basketball Ecosystem: You exist in a trillion dollar ecosystem that is primarily built upon the backs of black bodies.  This ecosystem, while allowing a select few to reach economic heights, deprives most of us any chance to extract any economic value out of the system. This is unacceptable to us. You must do a better job investing in our community if your commitment to racial equity is to be more than a marketing slogan.


Our vision is to make one of the most valuable resources for young black NBA fans and their families, with an ongoing calendar of activities designed to engage black youth especially. One of our key strategies in doing so is employing black youth on our our team, challenging them to become life-long learners, and empowering them to use their interest in the NBA to propel them through school and into their future careers.


Our goals are three-fold:

  • Expose our community to the plethora of opportunities connected to basketball, and help our youth map out multiple pathways to high wage employment via their love of the game
  • challenge youth to transition from consumers of technology, to inventors, developers or content creators, and provide opportunities for them to do so
  • Build coalition with those outside our community that are ready to seriously tackle racism and anti-blackness, in regards to how it plays out in the basketball ecosystem

Our in house creative team leads the way, but our true power is in the youth themselves.  As they grow in skill and in perspective, our desire is for them to increasingly take a greater role in the leadership, execution, marketing, and development of all that we do here at Fieroball.